Ash Spreading Cruises

Boat The Bruce is proud to offer Private Ash Spreading Cruises for groups of 1-7 and 8-14. We are honoured to have the ability to serve your ash scattering desires, and vow to serve you with the highest level of service and respect. This is an EXCLUSIVE Cruise option that our team is extremely humbled to provide.

We will start by cruising through the islands with your friends and family. We navigate  incredibly unique sheltered Lake Huron waterway's, with endless beautiful sights throughout. We stop for as much time is needed for the ash spreading, and then cruise back to port.

Come Join us for a cruise through serenity, and to fulfil a beautiful ash scattering for your loved one/one's

Thank you for choosing us to assist in this beautiful celebration of life

Sincerely, Boat The Bruce Team